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Cold Steel Tachi Katana CS-SW-TACHKTNA

Cold Steel Tachi Katana CS-SW-TACHKTNA

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The Tachi was the sword of the Samurai before its necessary evolution into the katana after the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The Tachi was a lighter, smaller elegant sword, more deeply curved and made for use with one hand. Its fittings were beautiful and very distinctive. After the katana had been in use for some time there was a period in Japan of harkening back to the ancient samurai of pre 14th century. A style of katana was designed with classic Tachi fittings, the distinct Tsuba, fuchi and kashira, and saya fittings that created a beautiful subset of katana. The Cold Steel Tachi Katana is a representation of these unique and beautiful swords with its forge folded Damascus blade and beautiful gilt fittings.
  • 40.5" (102.87cm) closed.
  • 30" (76.2cm) Damascus steel blade.
  • Blade has been given a differentially hardened, heat treatment to create a clay tempered Hamon.
  • Brass Tsuba.
  • Black silk cord wrapped hardwood handle with Same insert and Menuki.
  • Brown wood scabbard.
  • Boxed.
Made In: India View full details
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